Heinley Projects is the online archive of BJ Heinley. It is by no means exhaustive, but represents a few inspirational projects and collaborations. BJ has been in the creative field since graduating from The University of Texas in Austin, leading creative teams at several successful startups in Austin and the San Francisco Bay Area. He's also worked at Yahoo!, Spanning (acquired: EMC / Dell), Jotspot (acquired: Google) and even Friendster which kickstarted the social-media boom back in 2000. BJ is actively consulting and designing in Austin, Texas. 
BJ's most current venture is with The Bear James Company, a B-Corp that is a growing leader in family entertainment and education space. Bear James has two children books in development as well as the Bear James premier project, Thinga, a platform to helping families discover the best on the internet. Thinga's launch was covered by Techcrunch and has grown significantly, and currently working on an educational journal called Thinga BOOM digging deep on topical interests from around the globe. 
In January of 2014 BJ cofounded Sputnik Creative serving as Principal and Creative Director and strategist. Before that, BJ became the VP of Design and UX for Spanning Cloud Apps (acquired by EMC/Dell), co-founded Dipity an online tool allowing people to explore timelines in new ways.  BJ and his wife own and operate Verde Camp, eight eco-friendly houses in South Congress and Clarksville areas of Austin. 
BJ has been an active board member of non-profits including the Texas Sculpture Group, HOPE Campaign, and Ursa Major Foundation
BJ also invests in smart, forward thinking startups including Stag Provisions, Fleet Coffee, Blue Avocado, and Earthly
Photo: Bill Sallans, who is a total badass.
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